Saab 9-4x interior and exterior design

Intersection with the progressive Saab design

  • Continuation of the typical design of Saab
  • Clear exterior design based on Scandinavian tradition
  • Spacious passenger compartment with driver-centered cockpit
  • Flexible cargo space management system

Strong, with a fresh design and unmistakably a Saab: the 9-4X shows a muscular stance that defines its crossover character. This opens up a new market segment for Saab, while maintaining the unmistakable Saab styling signature of the new Saab 9-5 Sedan.

Outside and inside, the Saab design bag presents itself in an unadulterated form, traced by the company's aviation history and its Scandinavian roots. This 9-4X translates the design language of Saab by highlighting a sense of strength and solid quality into a new class of vehicle that is the essence of the Saab brand.

Clear exterior design

The athletic 9-4X transfers the design fundamentals of Saab into the crossover segment the first time. Like its 9-5-series brothers, the 9-4X's stand-out front styling has been enhanced by the award-winning Aero X concept car with the introduction of the new and deeply lowered 3 hole grille and blue-block "Ice Block" lighting. green shade inspired.

Other Saab identifying features - the wraparound windshield, tapered roof rails, the shape of the headlights, the wraparound rear window and a hockey stick beltline - have now been incorporated into a raised crossover body shape. The result: a vehicle with clear, no-frills lines that reflect the simplicity of Scandinavian design principles.

The darkened windscreen and door pillars create a simple glass house structure that accentuates the typical "cockpit" look of Saab. In the style of the new 9-5, the exterior mirror housings are designed in black instead of body color, so the visual effect of the window structure is not interrupted.

As with the new 9-5 Sedan, a curved light band connects the "Ice Block" front-end headlamp units, which is a distinguishing feature of the vehicle both during the day and at night. The flashing lights in the front fender also take up the blue-gray "Ice Block" theme.

The subtle styling of the wheel arches and a sideline underlining the hockey stick waistline gives the proportions of this Saab the streamlined look of a mid-range crossover. In keeping with the Scandinavian design values, the body of the 9-4X has been freed of all unnecessary ballast. While the lower body area is coated with a dark stone-chipping protective coating, the sleek lines of the 9-4X are not fueled by such bells and whistles as wheel arch liners or body shield panels.

The roofline was optically lowered and stretched by means of a low-set, in the upper part of the tailgate integrated spoiler. The rear window seems to span the rear of the car, forming a solid C-pillar shape, another typical Saab feature.

The taillights take on the same distinguishing feature that already distinguishes the 9-5 Sedan. The "Ice Block" lettering extends across the lower waistline and wraps around the taillight units, giving the 9-4X an identity that distinguishes it both at night and during the day.

For easy loading, the tailgate opens flush with the top of the rear bumper molding, reinforced with a black, scratch-resistant insert. The rear bumper also has a removable towbar cover that does not detract from the flawless design when the vehicle is not being used in trailer mode. In both engine versions, the diamond-shaped double exhaust pipes are integrated into the lower bumper formation.

The new Saab comes as standard on 18 inch 6 spoke alloy wheels, while the Aero models visually stand out with their 20 inch, 9 spoke 'turbine' alloy wheels, a black grille front grille and brushed aluminum side trim strips ,

Aircraft-like passenger compartment

The generous passenger compartment of the 9-4X provides ample comfort for up to five adults and stands out with its driver-centered cockpit typical for Saab. The center console, center stack and main instrument displays merge into one another and are inclined towards the driver. This defining feature of the 9-4X is presented in both a wood and carbon fiber version.

The three main display instruments are inlaid in chrome-framed tubes. The centrally located speedometer includes a selectable, rotating altimeter for reading the speed, a reminiscence of Saab's aviation heritage. The needles of the displays and the main display in the center console show the typical green Saab illumination. Thanks to the “Night Panel” switch, also from the aircraft cockpit, another Saab equipment feature, the driver can focus his attention entirely on the road during the night by switching off all main instruments and the infotainment lighting - except for the speedometer.

Other Saab features include grille-style air outlets with "joystick" adjustment levers, as well as the launch device - now via the start / stop button - between the front seats, next to the gearshift lever. Drive-related control functions - such as the electric parking brake switch and Adaptive DriveSense adaptive gear with real-time damper control - are logically located in the same area.

The infotainment and air conditioning control units in the center console under the color display are based on the same layout as in the new 9-5 Sedan. The narrow channels in the instrument panel connect the main rotary switches and resemble in form to the Vitruvian man of Leonardo Da Vinci, an allusion to the combination of human design and technical precision that are expressed in the design of the passenger compartment. This is part of the logically arranged, zonal grouping of the components of the interior, chassis and controls in the interior of the vehicle.

Plenty of storage space in the passenger compartment is an essential requirement in a recreational vehicle. In addition to the large, two-piece, refrigerated glove compartment, the Saab developers have optimized the space available by creating double storage compartments in all doors, both at the front and in the rear of the vehicle. The center console offers additional storage space in the upper part of the adjustable armrest, as well as two deep, adjustable cup holders and a large storage box with 12 V socket and USB and AUX ports for mobile phones. Passengers on the rear seat find additional storage space on the back of the center console and in the middle armrests with the two cup holders.

Wide, well-fitting seats with 8-fold electric adjustment for the driver (in the Aero version also for the front passenger). The ride comfort can be further improved by the optionally available electrically adjustable pedals with a travel range up to 55 mm, which are operated via a button on the steering column.

The rear passengers also have the option of sitting position adjustment. Each of the divisible rear seats offers three tilt positions, which can be adjusted by means of a lever in the outer edge of the seat. The range includes a tilt angle of xxx degrees, which ensures optimal comfort for all passengers while driving.


Variable cargo area

The trunk of the 9-4X offers plenty of space and can be used in a variety of ways. With generous dimensions, almost no formations in the side area, it offers a load capacity of 483 liters, with upright rear seats.

The 60 / 40 split rear seats can be folded down in one movement without having to move the seat cushions or pull out the head restraints. When the rear seats are lowered, the seat cushions slide forward to release a completely flat cargo bed.

The front portion of the trunk floor is also hinged and can be raised via an aircraft lever to release additional underbody storage space for smaller items. This option is only possible if a repair set is delivered instead of a spare tire. The raised trunk floor can also be locked in vertical position and is equipped with hooks to store shopping bags in a practical way.

Also standard is a removable, retractable boot cover available. This can be pulled from the upper part of the rear seats to protect stowed items from view, and can be hooked in a second movement practically in the profiles of both corners in the inner part of the D-pillars. This provides easy access to the cargo bed without having to retract the cover completely or having to reach inward to pull it back to its original position.

The loading area can be divided according to your own requirements. The optional U-shaped mount allows the insertion of a flexibly adjustable telescopic luggage rail that can be adjusted to any position. Already used in the new 9-5 Sedan, the system is a fast and flexible baggage solution that can safely carry items of all sizes.

As an additional feature, the tailgate is available with a remote-controlled hydraulic drive. The tailgate can be opened, programmed and closed again via a rotary switch on the vehicle door, on the key fob or on the tailgate itself. In programmable mode, the tailgate can be opened to a lowered position when there is less space at the top. The OFF setting turns off the hydraulic control function. This equipment features is standard in all Aero models.

Decor and equipment of the passenger compartment

In both versions, the dashboard surfaces and door panels are presented in a grained, black finish, with contrasting, contrasting edges in the Aero.

The standard interior color scheme offers a choice of dark titanium (gray), slate (beige) or black for the center armrest, lower door panels and seats upholstered with imitation leather. Wood look is used in the main instrument panel and the door handles, the 3 spoke steering wheel is made of leather.

The Aero interior features a choice of dark titanium or black for the center armrest, lower door panels and sport seats, with leg extensions padded in perforated leather. On the flat sports steering wheel, the gearshift lever and the edges of the instrument panel contrast stitching run. The passenger compartment of the Aero is upgraded by lighting in the upper area and the carbon fiber look in instrument panel and door handles.

The comprehensive standard equipment of the 9-4X offers:

18-inch alloy wheels

Bi-xenon adaptive headlights with cleaning system and automatic level height adjustment

fog lights

Electric windows and outside mirrors

adaptive speed controller

Two zone air conditioning

Keyless engine start with start and stop switch

Color display in center console

Steering wheel with audio / telephone controls

8-fold electrically adjustable driver's seat and 4-fold manually adjustable passenger seat

Electric parking brake

Night Panel

Saab Infotainment CD player with seven speakers and AUX, USB ports Rear seat with backrest adjustment, 60 / 40 division, armrest, two cup holders and ski through-loading

Middle headrest, rear, pull-out

Roof rail in matt aluminum finish

Rear luggage compartment cover

The Aero version also offers:

20-inch turbine alloy wheels

Sentronic steering wheel control for automatic transmission

Adaptive DriveSense suspension including variable power steering

Parking assistant front and rear

Perforated leather seats

8-fold electrically adjustable driver / co-driver's seat with lumbar support and leg extension

Keyless entry

Lighting in the upper interior area

Rain-sensing wipers

Saab infotainment navigation system

BOSE sound system

Hydraulically operated tailgate

Adjustable pedals

Dazzling interior and exterior rearview mirrors

Backup camera

Source / Pictures: Saab Automobile AB

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