Shopping and souvenirs

Go shopping and souvenirs ...

Update December 2013

If you are traveling, you should bring something to your family and friends. Maybe something typical Swedish. In Trollhättan-Överby there is a large shopping center, if you drive over the Stallbacka bridge in the direction of Vänersborg. The stores are open every day from 07: 00 PM to 22: 00 PM. The selection of local food is in the Maxi ICA huge. There are the tempting sweets in the form of sweet pies and delicious chocolate.

Chocolate from Sweden
Chocolate from Sweden

Especially delicious are the chocolate variations of Marabou, that exist in innumerable variations. If you prefer cookies, you should become a local manufacturer and market leader Gothenburg Kex to grab. The most sold cars in Sweden are not Volvo or Saab. There is this make in the supermarket, it is affordable and it tastes good. Leasing is not possible. Ahlgrens Bilar There are countless variations in taste.

Anyone looking for traditional gifts from Sweden will find what they are looking for in the Swedish souvenir shop at the Saab Museum. There are the famous Dalarnapferde as well as souvenirs from Trollhättan. The Saab Museum has a very nice shop that is constantly expanding. Also an order over the Internet is possible, however, the shipping costs are always very high in Sweden. But buying locally is much nicer, so no problem.