Subscription without Paypal

An online subscription is also possible without a PayPal account. Please follow the steps below.

A. Select the appropriate subscription. Level “Basic”, “Turbo”, “Turbo Plus”.

B. Transfer the corresponding amount to the following account:

Receiver: T. Knecht
IBAN: 08 7955 0000 0011 7754 75

C. Always give your name, address and email address when making the transfer.

Important: Don't forget your email address. No activation or access is possible without mail. Tip: Turn the @ into (ät) if the bank's software does not accept the special character.

Important: In the case of transfers from abroad, the client bears the full fees. Please take care.

D. We will do the rest. After receipt of payment you will receive the activation by email. The invoice is available for download.

This service takes a little longer than booking via PayPal and is available from Monday to Friday.