Subscription without PayPal or credit card

An online subscription is also possible without a PayPal account or credit card. Please take the following steps.

A. Select the subscription that suits you. We offer the manual service for the following subscriptions and memberships:

  • Aero (subscription), € 60,00, 360 days.
  • Aero X Club (subscription + club) € 95,00, 360 days.

You have to decide which subscription is right for you. We always recommend that Aero X Club for the full Saab passion!

B. Transfer the corresponding amount to the following account:

Receiver: T. Knecht
IBAN: 08 7955 0000 0011 7754 75

Great, you're almost there! Now your personal data for your subscription.

C. Enter your contact details here.

D. We'll do the rest for you now!

After receipt of payment, you will receive the activation and passwords by email. You will also receive your invoice by email.

Please be patient, we will continue soon. This service takes a little longer than booking via PayPal and is available from Monday to Friday.