Saab 9-5 presentation Zurich

Saab 9-5 Aero presentation 1999 in Zurich

Good things take time! They didn't feel any pressure in Trollhättan, because the 9-5 with the V6 sold brilliantly. Die Aero with the four-cylinder was missed by die-hard Saab fans. They just had to be patient, or with them

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Saab 9000 model in the design studio in Trollhättan

The challenge of the Saab 9000 - a long Saab film

In the spring of 1974, work began on the 9000 in Trollhättan. A completely new car and the way to a higher class. Behind the project was nothing less than the future positioning of the brand. Exciting, groundbreaking, and by no means easy.

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Saab is testing ABS on the Teves site

Saab tests - what can the ABS system really do?

Munich, towards the end of the 90s. I was on the road with a friend to test what an ABS system can really do. Our test car was its brand new Mercedes 190 E. Test site the cobblestone route past the Maximilianeum towards the Praterinsel.

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Saab Talladega Workshop - Bad Homburg 1996

Our project to digitize old Saab films also brings out the unusual. The Saab Talladega Workshop, which took place in Bad Homburg in 1996, is a historical document. He deepened the events in Talladega in front of the assembled press representatives. And shows a person who is one

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Volvo crashed - 30 meters down

30 meters down - a spectacular film from Volvo

Let the new car fall 30 meters! That sounds crazy and spectacular. But what Volvo does has a serious background. It's about accident research and the behavior of modern vehicles in accidents at very high speeds. For that he has

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Saab Festival 2010. The main entrance to the factory.

New start and hope. Saab presents itself at the festival.

Restart in Trollhättan. The first festival after the rescue of Saab will take place in July 2010. To do this, you break the usual 2-year rhythm. Because you have something to show and the eyes of the public rest on the small town

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Saab 9-3 and 9-5 Aero on the Boxberg route

German Saab history. Saab Aero vs. Boxberg.

Here comes no image film in the glossy format. If you expect that, you could be disappointed. It's about a Saab Germany press event in January 2000. The occasion was the launch of the Saab 9-5 Aero.

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The new Saab 900 II Cabriolet

Presentation. The new Saab 900 II Cabriolet.

There was a time when convertibles played a big role. You could also say that it was the convertible itself that Saab had saved - back then, 31 years ago, when the first open Saabs rolled to customers.

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Saab 900 production at the plant in Trollhättan

A look inside the plant. Saab 900 II production 1993.

We continue to digitize Saab's legacy and now have 15 “new” Saab videos ready to be uploaded. The films are mainly from the 80s and 90s, including many productions that Saab Germany commissioned

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We don't make compromises, we make Saabs! Image film 1990.

We don`t make compromises. We make Saabs.

The 80s and early 90s were the most creative years at Saab. Never before - and never since - have there been more innovations from Trollhättan. Saab was Saab. The Swedish brand had developed and positioned its own identity

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Saab in Boston Harbor 1957

Saab expands to North America. Boston 1957!

The picture quality is more than insufficient, there is no soundtrack. I mean a lot to the reader. But the almost 60 year old film is an important document in the history of Saab. He came in through winding ways

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SAAB production in Trollhättan

At the Saab factory in Stallbacka, 6 vehicles are currently being built per day. TTELA, the local newspaper Trollhättans, was there to give us an insight into the current work.

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Saab 900 R Turbo 1996 at the Nürburgring

200 Saab R900 are on the road on the Nürburgring

In February we wrote about the almost forgotten Saab 900R in Upper Franconia. The story came to a happy end because the Saab got a good new home. The current owner (unfortunately) does not come from the Saab scene, but does not want to deprive the 900R of the Saab community in the future.

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SAAB in the film. Saab 9-5 II in “Boxed”.

Once again a Saab has made it into a film production. In autumn 2013 the new film “Boxed” will be released in cinemas. As a foretaste of the production by Sea Scape Films, an independent company, there is already a short trailer. However, from Saab's point of view, only the first six seconds (!) Are really interesting.

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Saab 900 Cabriolet. Ordinary Day 1987.

Saab 900 Cabriolet. An ordinary day - Saab 1987!

A dream car from Sweden! The Saab 900 Cabriolet came onto the market at a time when convertibles were on the endangered species list. Few manufacturers ventured into the fabric roof car segment, and the Swedes understood

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