Saab 9-5 presentation Zurich

Saab 9-5 Aero presentation 1999 in Zurich

Good things take time! They didn't feel any pressure in Trollhättan, because the 9-5 with the V6 sold brilliantly. Die Aero with the four-cylinder was missed by die-hard Saab fans. They just had to be patient, or with them

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Saab 9-5 V6 in Sky Blue

From old to (almost) new Saab 9-5 3.0t V6 1999 in Sky-Blue Metallic

Is it worth it with a V6? No, but ... Take a look for yourself. I think the car is looking good and refreshing, it was really worth it! When the "cost pain" has passed, the joy of this beautiful and remains

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Immaculate interior

Back to the Future

If someone had recently told me that you can be very satisfied with a 20 year old vehicle, I would probably have looked at it crookedly and thought about repairs, rust, seats, etc.

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An instant camera provides for analog pictures.

A logbook for our projectaab

Paul is anything but ordinary. He is an early Saab 9-5 sports car that was eventually put away and brought back into the automobile world by us. His next months as a rolling ambassador for the blog and our Saab enthusiasm would like

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Paul, our projectaab in Frankfurt.

Project Saab. The sufferings of the young P.

The good news first: Paul, our project supporter, is back on the road. For some days we have him again. The history of the past months was not without difficulties. But there have also been positive things. Of course it is not easy 

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Power plant. Optically as fresh from the tape.

Saab 9-5 sports combination 1999 project. Interim settlement.

We just wanted to know! Getting a Saab from the scrap is a crazy idea, even if you get the Saab for free. Or what? With our Saab 9-5 sport suit from the year 1999, the Paul project, we are all so

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... and also the leather seats have become attractive.

Image gallery: Project aab back from the dresser

Who still remembers the pictures from February? Paul, our project saab, looked really bad when we first met. I didn't really want him, and I suspect no one else would have wanted Paul in this condition either. Now

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Stopover. Villa Marburg in Heigenbrücken

Saab 9-5 combi 1999 test drive

A lot about the car is also a mental cinema. Highly paid marketing people have invented terms like “premium” or “impression” to get the cinema going. If we get into the vehicle of a premium provider, then we have the desired expectations. Let's start one

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Allow Paul - with Tom and Mark

Allow: Paul!

February. The clouds hang low over northern Germany. That suits my mood. You wanted it that way, says an inner voice. She is right. What had we thought about and dreamed of ... a project car for the blog ... a Viggen, an Aero, a convertible.

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