Night, through ice and snow

Saab 99 on the Histo Monte

Saab is a rally brand, without question! The successes are legendary and historic Saab models still fly through Swedish birch forests at rally events. And we always fondly remember Erik Carlsson - who is immortal as “Carlsson på taket”

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Paul our projectaab 2016

Godparents for Paul

Slowly getting serious. Paul, our project team from 2016, was at the painter. Now the last work is being tackled, the friendly man from TÜV is allowed to express his opinion, then after a long break the 9-5 will finally be asphalt under the tires again

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Saab 9-3 EV. New approval 02 / 16 in Sweden.

Saab 9-3 EV new registration in Sweden

Anyone who rubs their eyes in amazement or looks furtively in the direction of the calendar ... We are not writing April 1st, nor are we launching a false report. The facts are based on the statistics from Bilsweden for February 2016. A serious and -

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Crosshairs in the HUD. Who dares to do that?

Independent Thinking - 5 Years After

The blog was still young when the press invitation from Saab to the Geneva Motor Show was published. It should be the last official presentation. The Saab Automobile AB had a tremendous list, which was not yet visible in this clarity. Today, 5 years

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No. That's not Paul. Guaranteed.

The Saab, which we do not want to buy.

It's time to talk about our project car. The support of our readers makes it possible for the first time - we will have a project Saab on the blog. A car “made by Trollhättan” that will be with us for 12 months. The

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Pilots wanted 2016. International Saab 9-5 NG meeting in Kiel.

Pilots wanted 2016 - fully booked

After just 24 hours, more than half of all starting places were taken ... a short time later the contingent was completely exhausted. Sensational! In 2014 we still needed around 7 days to allocate all starting places.

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The Black Forest is calling all Saab enthusiasts!

No longer the Swabian Alb but the Northern Black Forest is the target for this year's Saab meeting of the 23. - 25. September 2016 under the motto "The Black Forest is calling". The meeting is especially popular because of its successful mix of driving experience,

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Troll Rally 2014

Troll Rally 2016

It is already the 39. Troll Rally, which the Saab Friends Erftkreis on 28. and 29. May host 2016. A grown Saab tradition that always takes place in changing places. This year, the trolls drive through the Thuringian Forest and

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