LVM Versicherung advertises the Saab 900 II

That's crazy - LVM advertising with the Saab 900

Do insurance companies like Saab? The impression is obvious, because the LVM Versicherung is currently advertising the Saab 900 II 9-3 I. In the Rhön, a local agency is flying the flag extensively and in several places - for Saab. Or for insurance.

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Volvo and Saab, the trade fair concept in Neumünster

The slightly different exhibition concept

With the start of the season, the various fairs around the sanctuary of the Germans are starting again: the car. What supposedly became an exclusive scene of the German brands around Porsche, Daimler and BMW in recent years

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Saab story of Markus. Car Rental: Saab or Rover?

My Saab story

To be honest, I never had anything to do with the Saab brand. To be even more honest, my only contact with a Saab 900 I in 1994 was actually quite negative, as I thought of the design as

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The SAAB 900 "Tommy Norlin Edition"

The international reader stories keep on coming ... read about Marco Fernandez 'love for SAAB and the 900NG in particular. The next exclusive SAAB mug goes to Spain! “As a child I was always fascinated by cars. Toy cars at first,

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SAAB projects. Yellow Danger and the Saab 9000 Club.

Some people are said to collect stamps. Other model trains. Supposedly it is so, supposedly it should be fun. But these things are very small and not for real petrol heads. We collect things in their original size. According to the motto “a Saab is not a Saab” there are new, rusty Sweden projects in Hamburg and Frankfurt. Our youngtimer blog will accompany these projects, not knowing how the stories end.

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