Saab 9-3 highlights

Saab 9-3 highlights. Original Saab.

Rarely has an action by Orio Germany been expected as the "Saab 9-3 highlights". We had previously reported on the LED daytime running light retrofit kit. The initiative from Eschborn was welcomed by the readers and discussed controversially.

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Turbo. Saab 900 II in the Esso commercial. Photo: Esso

Short message. Study, advertising and the best Saab workshop.

How does a blog work? Especially by the readers. The short messages come, almost without exception, from our readers. They collect messages around the brand, are eye and ear for Mark and me. And hardly anything escapes them. The

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SAAB News: SAAB Parts AB strengthens field service

There are more positive Saab news. Swedish Distribution Services Deutschland GmbH, a subsidiary of Saab Parts AB from Eschborn, today welcomed Tobias Malta, who will strengthen the partner service in the field. Mr Malta is responsible for Southern Germany and Austria and the increase in staff is another good news from the Saab area.

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