Lynk & Co Zero - electric car with a range of 700 kilometers from 2021

Car manufacturers - the Chinese have already landed

Generally there are two types of invasions. One is tough, aggressive and spectacular - the other is quiet and gentle. History teaches us that it is the most successful variant. Europe is currently experiencing a silent invasion by Chinese automakers. Barely

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New Beijing F40 pickup. Photo Credit:

Saab B235R. The fat lives on in the pickup.

Sometimes you meet old friends unexpectedly again. 3 years ago, when the Saab B235R hit me from a Chinese engine compartment. He was almost the old man, except for a few details. He had meanwhile changed his name and heard

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Senova D70 Concept 2017. Photo Credit: Granstudio

Saab in China. Bye Senova - ShēnBǎo!

There was a time when Saab drivers looked on China with envy. It's already 10 years ago, because 2009 acquired BAIC tools and rights to the old 9-5 and 9-3. Under the brand name Senova and previously from Saab in

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NEVS 9-3 EV found on WeChat

Saab DNA (still) well distributed

A NEVS 9-3 EV in the wild. A rare picture, somewhere in China, probably in the mega-city Tianjin. The 9-3 has changed in recent years, but is still recognized as Saab - despite facelift and new,

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Saab 9-5, 1997. The original. Photo: Saab Automobile AB

Senova Offspace. Or the eternal life of the 9-5.

If memory does not deceive, it was 1992 when Saab engineers started working on the successor to the fabulous Saab 9000 in Trollhättan. That's 25 years ago! The Saab 9-5 celebrated its premiere 1997, and since

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The BAIC BJ40 with Saab engine

BAIC BJ40. The return of the fat.

His performance is martial. A mountain of car and beyond political correctness. The BAIC BJ40 provokes. The Michigan militia would probably have liked him if he was not unfortunately from China. Dumbled, because the BJ40 is a true SUV,

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BAIC X65 and BJ40

Weekly Review. Our look to China.

This week, the Saab signs were dismantled at the factory entrance. The End of an Epoch ... One of the logos will find its place at the Saab Museum. From now on, it will be up to NEVS, whether you despite the abandonment of the brand name something

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Saab 32 Lansen from F6 Wing. Copyright Saab AB

60 years Saab 32, electric cars, projectaab

The summer break on the blog is over, we start with news from the Saab world. This week is a balancing act of proud past, Saab DNA in the present and future, which is “Made by Trollhättan”. A lot of interesting, entertaining reading material.

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BAIC EH400. Electric car on Saab 9-5 base. Photo Credit:

Electrifying Saab heritage and future

It was a short press release last Friday. NEVS seals entry to New Long Ma, becoming a manufacturer of electric vans and microvans. The knot seems to have burst, NEVS and Trollhättan are paving the way for an electric future.

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Borgward BX7

The Borgward Saab story

Some myths disenchant themselves ... and then you regret that you know the background. Because the story was actually too beautiful. The Borgward Reborn Story will be one of them. She is quick to tell, but you still hold your breath

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Saab 9-3 e-Power Concept

Electric car perspectives

The electric car has long been an issue for Saab. Even before Victor Muller and NEVS ... Electric convertibles were on test drives in Germany on the way ... what has become of them? In Europe, the subject of EV is not right off the mark, in

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BAIC BJ40. Soon with Saab Turbo technology.

Saabig ... KW34 / 15

Our gaze was directed to China at the beginning of the week, and somehow the East would not let go of us. Shortly before the weekend we swing back to Asia. There are exciting things: Saab technology is in demand and celebrates success,

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Beiijing Auto - Borgward - Porsche

On Monday we have guaranteed good Saab news on the blog. Before that, a short look into the wide world, especially to China, is on the agenda. The good old Saab engines with the unique Trionic continue their careers. Now comes

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View over the (Saab) Tellerrand

Next week, NEVS wants to leave the reconstruction. At the same time, further decisions should be made public. That could be exciting ... Before we have enough time to look over the Saab plate again ...

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BAIC Senova ES210EV

In China, the electric Senova version rolls on the basis of the old Saab 9-5 at the start. BAIC introduces the Senova ES210EV to major cities in 11, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xuzhou, Nanjing and Hangzhou.

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