This Saab 900i from 1991 was stolen in Berlin

Please help - Saab 900i stolen in Berlin

Today we ask the readers and the Saab community for their urgent help. On November 3rd or 4th, a classic Saab 900i was stolen in Berlin. The five-door from 1991 is very well maintained. The vehicle is on some

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Saab 900 Cabriolet, first model year for Europe

From Berlin to Paris with 367.000 kilometers

If cars were people, they would have exciting stories in store. Like the Saab 900 Cabriolet that once belonged to Mirco. It is a wanderer between nationalities. International, urbane, and, to stick with the human-car comparison ... some

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Good things stay. Saab Bredlow with historic Saab CI.

Saab time travel in Berlin and Hamburg

Not much longer - and April will be history. May starts with two great Saab events! The brand invites you to travel back in time in Berlin and Hamburg. Saab fans should therefore attend May 5th in their

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Saab 9-5 sports car in the capital

My Saab Story - Endless Saab Love

For a couple of months now, I have been reading regularly, it seems to me, one of the few women on this blog. The latest summer stories were also written by Saab's enthusiastic and in part very automotive-savvy men.

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Saab Bredlow Berlin

Bredlow is Germany's oldest Saab dealer. The company is a second-generation family business, loyal to the Saab flag in Berlin.

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Outside Saab meeting Germany: Berlin

The Saab fans are also active in Germany today. Bremen and Berlin are on the agenda today as support meetings for our unique Swedish brand. In Berlin, a small but fine meeting took place in the Aviation Museum Finowfurt. The meeting was organized

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Saab dealer tour 2011: Events in Berlin and Paderborn

Today, two more Saab events took place as part of our dealer tour. Our team visited Weber Automobile in Berlin, the second team was in Paderborn at the Saab center. Both dates were a great success for our Swedish car brand.

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Saab Dealer Tour 2011: Autohaus am Nordring

Berlin, we landed! In the north of Berlin is the dealership on Nordring. Normally, I am standing by the vehicles and look forward to the contacts and the good discussions with the Saab drivers. Today, Saab Germany has me boss

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Saab dealer tour 2011 dates at 26. October

Berlin, here we come ! We start now from Rostock in our capital and leave the coastal region. A report on Kiel, which some are waiting for, will follow. I am looking forward to the Berlin Saab community and the dealers. In Berlin

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