New on the market and already at dumping prices

Drug subsidy - the subsidized electric car boom

The purchase of electric cars is strongly encouraged. This is good for metropolitan areas, but also dangerous. Because subsidies are a double-edged thing. They are dangerous and they create dependencies. Dealing with them intelligently would be the challenge for the state. Because

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Auto industry - is the perfect storm moving? Photo: Ute Kolla-Bliesener

Automotive industry. The perfect storm is catching up.

After seemingly endless years of success, a violent storm is gathering over the German car industry. It could be a perfect storm because the reasons are not just homemade. Something is brewing in Germany, and a key industry is showing

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The NEVS 9-3 electric car can be pre-ordered.

Pre-orderable NEVS 9-3 electric car in China

In China it is now possible to place a pre-order online for the NEVS 9-3 EV. The first electric car from NEVS is offered for sale for the equivalent of around € 21.600,00. There are details on how

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Automobile plant Trollhättan 2010. Long time ago, and maybe never again.

No good news from Trollhättan

The old Saab factory is always on my radar - even if it has been very quiet for weeks. Unfortunately there is no good news from Trollhättan. Circumstances did not change for the better in 2018 either. On the contrary, because it

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Saab AB branch in the United Arab Emirates

Short message. Investments, Fake News, Actions.

Welcome to the last Saab short news 2017. The year ends with positive news, at least almost. Because a company falls out of the ordinary, and a suspicion has been confirmed. There is talk of a repeat offender.

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Presentation in Tianjin

Tianjin launches production of the NEVS 9-3 EV

On Tuesday NEVS started the pre-series production of the NEVS 9-3 EV in Tianjin. The new plant was opened with a big ceremony, even though it is still not completely finished.

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NEVS 9-3 electric car body shop in the old Saab factory. Photo Credit: SVT

An almost historic day in the old Saab factory.

Strange things have happened in Trollhättan in the last week. The television was on site, and both the local newspaper and SVT could read about a production start. The breakthrough for NEVS? Or what happened?

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Production plant. Photo Credit: NEVS

A look at the NEVS electric car factory in Tianjin

The world seems to be full of electric car startups. New manufacturers announce themselves every week, it is slowly getting inflationary. Below that we find prominent and unexpected names. Like the vacuum cleaner manufacturer Dyson, which is investing more than € 2 billion in the development of electric cars

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NEVS, the eternal startup.

The eternal startup and the German enemy

It was a deep winter. The Saab bankruptcy was still fresh. Mark and I met in the nightly Trollhättan with a well-known personality. Their name does not matter, we talked about the ongoing sales negotiations.

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NNEV Quality System Basic Training Tianjin. Photo: NEVS

NEVS recruits employees in China.

Keeping an eye on developments at NEVS is becoming increasingly difficult. Public relations does not take place, press releases do not exist. In addition, activities are increasingly focused on China.

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Production at NEVS. Credit: TTELA

Cash injection for the electric car Startup NEVS.

There is news from the owners of the old Saab factory. After there had been first indications of liquidity shortages, the electric car Startup NEVS now receives another injection of cash from China.

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NEVS 9-3X. Picture: NEVS

About rival Didi new major shareholder at NEVS?

There is a message from Trollhättan that may be too important to ignore. Because it could influence the future of the location. SverigesRadio reported on Monday about a possible entry of Didi, the Chinese version of Uber, into NEVS.

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NEVS 9-3 EV on winter test drive. Picture: NEVS

NEVS electric car on winter testing

It has become quiet around NEVS. Since press spokeswoman Ulrika Hultgren left the company, the flood of information has dried up. A possible successor is not yet determined, the media presence is also very limited in the Swedish press.

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NEVS 93. Photo: NEVS / Ute Kolla-Bliesener

NEVS receives electric vehicle production license in China

The Chinese government has today approved NEVS 'application to start production of electric vehicles at its manufacturing plant in Tianjin.

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BAIC X65 and BJ40

Weekly Review. Our look to China.

This week the Saab signs on the works entrance were dismantled. The end of an era ... One of the lettering will find its place at the Saab Museum. From now on, it will be up to NEVS to decide whether something can be found despite giving up the brand name

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