Saab Gaworski in Hamburg. Generalists with tradition

Saab Gaworski - the traditionalists in Hamburg

It is raining mercilessly this Tuesday as I make my way to Hamburg. On the way I pick up Jan, then we drive together to Saab Gaworski. Feels like Hamburg is a huge construction site, which is turning into the finish line

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4. Hamburger Saab meeting

Hamburg shows flag

The SAAB events this year are coming in quick succession. Exactly one week after our meeting in Harz, Tom, Justus and myself are in Hamburg for the meeting. Like every year, the oldtimer gas station calls for already 4.Treffen. For me

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On Saturday starts the 4. Hamburger Saab meeting.

Saab Blogger in Hamburg and Saxony

The weather forecast for this weekend can be described as “mixed”. Which shouldn't be a reason not to venture out of the house. Because Hamburg, Saxony and Thuringia are worthwhile destinations for Saab fans. And the Saab bloggers are in the middle

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A full terrain, and great cars.

3. Hamburger Saab meeting

The drive north can be long and lonely. 520 kilometers, to be precise. And only in the height of Hanover did another Saab cross my path. The brand is visibly in retreat from public space,

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Saab 900 stolen in Hamburg.

Saab 900 Turbo Cabriolet stolen in Hamburg

In Hamburg-Altona a black Saab 18.11.2017 Cabriolet was stolen on Saturday the 130 in Thadenstrasse 900. The theft took place between 16: 30 clock and 19: 00 clock. We urge the Saab community to help you find the

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Automobile cultural heritage, meaningless destroyed.

In the wrong place at the wrong time ...

The events of the G20 summit in Hamburg are still fresh in our memories. In the chaos of these days also automotive cultural property was destroyed. Destruction that makes us sad and perplexed. And to become a warning symbol against senseless violence.

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2. Hamburger Saab meeting. Photo Credit: Oli

2. Hamburger Saab meeting. A review.

Unfortunately I was able to 2. May not be in Hamburg as planned. The decision between the Saab reopening in Bamberg and the 2. Hamburg Saab meeting was canceled against the event in the north.

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Modern, spacious, with plenty of space for restorations.

Saab reopening Bamberg. Saab meeting Hamburg.

There are two SAAB events next weekend where you can always meet nice people! In the south, Ralf Muckelbauer opens his new car dealership, and in Hamburg the 2nd Hamburg Saab meeting at the old-timer gas station Brandshof is on the calendar.

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Saab meeting Hamburg 2016

SAAB Dates May 2017

In May Saab fans are spoiled for choice. Saab meeting at the oldtimer gas station in Hamburg, or the Saab Saturday of the Saab friends Osnabrück? Difficult. There are even more appointments to discover in our calendar, always with us

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1. Hamburg Saab meeting, Brandshof.

Saab weekend in Hamburg

It is sunny, dry, best turbo weather. The highway north is heavily frequented and prevents the Aero from flying. So it goes with switched on, definitely not adaptive cruise control with constant 140 km / h in the direction of Hanseatic city. The Saab runs velvety

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1st Hamburg Saab Meeting ... we are coming!

Sunny, mild spring weather. A long weekend, no appointments! Ideal cornerstones for a short flight north ... and what could be more natural than to give my 2001 Saab Aero some exercise. “At home on long journeys” is an old Saab advertising slogan

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Saab meeting Brandshof

1. Hamburger Saab meeting

Hamburg is Saab stronghold and always worth a visit. In May, there are two other good reasons to travel to the Hanseatic city on the Saab. It is the port birthday and the 1. Hamburger Saab meeting at the historic petrol station

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The SAAB community is alive. We wrote about this in detail last week. We recently received a message from the far north of Germany. The regulars' table of the SAAB Club Norddeutschland eV will take place there on Friday, March 06th.

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25 years SAAB 90 with Saab Service Gaworski

I am always happy when readers' reports flutter into my mailbox. Volker reports on his experience with Saab Service Gaworski, a relationship that has lasted for 25 years. In January 1990 I had our first SAAB - a SAAB 90 - with me

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Saab exit - Saab meets jazz

Wolfgang's contribution It was an unusual occasion for 12 SAAB riders from the north to make their way from Hamburg to Celle. Once a year, the Celler Street Parade takes place there.

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