Saab 9-5X XWD sports suit

The big X - Saab 9-5X XWD sports suit model year 2014

In confidential Saab documents from winter and spring 2011, the big X is always noticed. It complements the 9-5 range with a sports suit and sedan. This model never came on the market. The search for clues is difficult, and the

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Saab as a basis for business and an object of speculation

In a few weeks the year 2020 will have passed, and soon it will be 10 years since the last Saab rolled off the assembly line. Really 10 years? The reflection gives me goosebumps, also because I've been having light for almost a decade

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Project Saab Paul with Mark on the way

News in brief. 7.000.000 readers and some future.

A few days ago the blog welcomed its 7 millionth reader. As so often, the event missed the blog crew a bit. Time is precious - family, work and blog leave little space. You can do that

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Opel and Saab in Hamburg. The end of the GM era.

The end of the GM era in Europe

Barely appreciated by the public, the GM era in Europe ended last week. Hardly anyone took note of the acquisition of Opel by the PSA group. GM said goodbye almost silently. The German car industry is fighting with Dieselgate meanwhile

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