The idea was simple. To turn an old Saab into an almost new car

The missed opportunities and their consequences

Does anyone still remember 2015 and the Ida project? It all started with a disaster. An old and admittedly pretty neglected Saab 9-5 caused trouble. Not that this is Saab specific. If you don't care for cars, you have to go with them

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Orio quarterly figures. A country is running away.

Orio quarterly figures. A country stands out from the rest.

If you are interested in how the Saab scene is developing in the individual countries, then you should look at the quarterly figures of Orio AB. The figures of the company that emerged from Saab Parts AB represent the market development. It is still today

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Saab center Bamberg, 900 Cabriolet.

Quarterly Report. Orio AB delivers black numbers.

A new CEO, a stronger focus on the core business. The consistent focus on their traditional strengths seems to bear fruit at Orio AB. For the 3. Quarter 2019, the company announces its return to the black, after

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Orio half-year figures. Orio wants to risk more Saab. Photo: Orio AB

Half-year figures. Orio wants to risk more Saab.

Orio AB, supplier of Saab original spare parts, publishes its half-year figures. In the first 6 months, net sales decreased by 18%. Not all business areas and markets developed uniformly. So it is advisable to take a closer look. One thing is certain: up

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Saab / Orio partner workshop. Image: Orio AB

Change of leadership. Gustaf Ljunggren CEO of Orio AB.

In the end everything went really fast. On the 10. In June Jonas Tegström left his desk at Orio AB after 5 years. With the takeover by successor Gustaf Ljunggren the announced change of leadership in Nyköping took place. Ljunggren is after Tegström only the

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Orio logistics center in Nyköping. Image: Orio AB

Orio AB. Replacement in Nyköping.

Replacement in Nyköping. Orio AB CEO Jonas Tegström will leave the company after 5 years. The search for a successor is already running. The change also has something to do with Swedish politics. And with an old promise.

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Saab at the Retro Classics Cologne. Picture: Richerd Holtz

Yes, honestly, we are still here!

10 years after Saab last brought numbers to the people, the brand disappears from the public. Driving a Saab is more exotic than ever, but honestly, we're still there. Time for the short reports from the scene and the quarterly figures for Orio

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Sill protection - door sills Saab 9-3 Aero 2001

Saab 9-3 door sills - last chance

Articles on the blog can have consequences. From time to time for the Orio AB, which then has to part with things that have become dear. The door sills for the Saab 9-3 I are an example. By accident, I was on

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E800 firmware Saab 9-5 NG

Firmware Update E800 Saab 9-5 NG

The helpdesk of Orio AB in Trollhättan still looks after our vehicles. Even 5 years after the end of production there are updates. For the Saab 2010-9 NG built from 5, a firmware update is available with immediate installation to all owners

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Stay Original - a Saab for Ida

In Sweden there was this nasty story with the “disaster - Saab”, which got through the media. Readers remember: A Saab 9-5 sports suit, just 16 years old and 200.000 kilometers on the road, caused a lot of annoyance.

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Lived customer satisfaction

In Sweden, the advertisement for a Saab 9-5 sports suit caused a stir. “Saab 9-5 station wagon - you will regret it” was read. The Expressen even suspected that this was the car that Saab would have broke.

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Shopping tour, service, passion

An article that would fall under the heading “Miscellaneous” if there were any on the blog ... So no breaking news. It's about Saab passion, Saab service and the takeover of a traditional manufacturer by Mahindra. But not like us

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bear responsibility

The week starts with good news from Sweden. Peripherally, it is also about NEVS - and the 100 remaining vehicles that will be completed or converted in the factory in order to sell them on the Swedish market. But in

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The press release yesterday read harmlessly, but had it in itself. The Orio AB buys from NEVS all tools for the production of Saab original parts. A business that has positive effects!

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