Saab 9-5 NG in Trollhattan. April 2014.

Dates April 2016

In April, we finally leave the winter months behind us. The frequency of the appointments around Saab is increasing. Since appointments and regulars' tables are not always determined with a long lead time, they can always be re-registered for our diary. The Saab appointment calendar

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Saab 9000 CC - hibernation?

Dates February 2016

It is February. The Saab classics and youngtimers approved for seasonal registration sleep in the garages and halls. No reason not to indulge our Saab hobby anyway. Our Saab dates for the February 2016.

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Saab dealer tour 2011 photo competition - caught in Paderborn

This time it caught Team Two of the Saab dealer tour. The new Saab 9-4x with Henrik Claesson, our Sweden in Team, on the way to the event. Mathias, thank you for submitting. You're in ! Text:

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Saab dealer tour 2011: Stopover in Goslar

Saab team two is on the way to Paderborn today, where they are longingly waiting. Pictures from the event at Saab Center Paderborn will follow, that's a promise! The new Saab 9-4x and the 9-5 sports suit also cut a good figure in Goslar.

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