The comeback of the shell-shaped bonnet

Design trend - return of the shell-shaped bonnet

Sixten Sason was to blame. The great designer gave the Saab 99 its shell-shaped bonnet. So he was in line with the trend, maybe he had looked towards Munich. The “New Class” from BMW, introduced in 1962, had it. Also the first 3 series

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Saab 9000 vs. Saab 9-5

The better Saab design? 9-5 Aero vs. Saab 9000

How do you define Saab design? Difficult question. In Sweden, Saab stood for the semi-station wagon for a long time with the 99, 900 and 9000. The hatchback that looked like a cheap Japanese car in some markets. You wanted to go with it

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The evolution in the Saab 900. Image: Saab Automobile AB

Design. The Saab cockpit over time

Design and ergonomics. Security thinking. These are integral parts of the Saab DNA. Nowhere else can you better experience the constant quest for perfection of usability than in the cockpit of a Saab. Representing all Saabs today is a tour of the middle class. ready

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Saab 9000 successor. Design Bjoern Envall

Never built: Saab 9000 successor

On the 28. 04. 1998 ran in Trollhättan the last Saab 9000 for Germany off the line. An 150 PS Softturbo CSE, Scarab Green, manual transmission. Whole 29 chassis numbers later was also the end for the rest of the world. The last Saab 9000

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Swedish Crime: The genesis of the Saab Sonnet II

A Swedish star designer who could and should not deliver. An inexperienced designer who had never brought a car to production. A management that disregards the recommendation of the technicians. That's the story of Sonnet II. One

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SAAB Fan Shop: Saab 92001 Roadster

We are always looking for matching accessories for our Saab passion. The Saab 92001 Roadster was heavy or unavailable for some time. Sweden has now provided supplies, so he is now in our Saab Fan Shop

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Saab Sixten Concept by Gray Design

Saab is a rough diamond. Even in the current situation, the Swedish carmaker is worth hundreds of millions of euros to investors. Because Saab is Sweden, Scandinavian design, Turbo and Saab is just a cult. What would be possible for a small, sporty Saab,

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