On the way to Trollhättan

Blogger on the way to Trollhättan

The suitcases are packed, hotel and ferry booked. Mark and I are traveling north today, and via Kiel we take the Stena Line to Gothenburg and then on to Trollhättan. Actually we wanted to go to Sweden with Paul, our project Saab

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Saab 9000 with Öresund bridge

Where are the other SAABs going? On the way to Sweden

On the daily way to work on the A3 from Idstein to Wiesbaden (at 110 km / h on the right and maximum middle lane) I was looking for them already. Other SAAB. No matter which model. But they were not there. None. No matter

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Sweden travel. Trollhattan in the dark season.

Saab fans like to be guests in Trollhättan, and Germans are basically told an affinity to the country in the north. The main travel season is from May, and already in October the stream of tourists is drying up again. Sweden is then

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Vacation trip: 4.700 kilometers with the Saab 9-3

Before now relatively exactly three years I took over a cayenne-red Saab 9-3 I with simplest equipment (B204i) from the model year 1998 from careful pensioner hand with something over 53.000 km. To date, I had moved him more well 50.000 km primarily on Germany's roads.

But last year was the 24. June to 09. July the opportunity of a more unusual tour. And since you do not do such a trip every day, here is a detailed report:

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