Saab 9-3 highlights. Original Saab.

Rarely has an action of Orio Germany been expected as the "Saab 9-3 highlights". We had already in advance

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SAAB News: Saab Halle Altnau

Saab passion knows no bounds. Achim and I moved into our Saab Hangar a few weeks ago, and Switzerland has had a counterpart to it for many years. The local Saab hall is in Altnau, but the story began almost 10 years ago in Kreuzlingen.

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I grew up with the Saab brand, my father drove and drives a Saab today. It all started with an 9000. Which model, now that I do not remember exactly, but he was forced to breathe and then woke up the turbo gene in me. Then came another Saab 9000, four Saab 9-5 and one 9-3! After so many years in Swedish steel, I could not help but buy a Saab and if so, already

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