Autumn tour of the SAAB - Friends of Thuringia on September 13, 2020

Saab life can be so beautiful! What a crazy 2020. An unprecedented situation worldwide, the corona pandemic had us fully under control. It has completely changed all of our lives, at work, in the family and of course

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Hello Saab friends or Saab crazy people (in a positive sense) !!

The days are noticeably shorter, the temperatures drop, a year is coming to an end again ... In this pre-Christmas season you tend to let your more melancholic thoughts run free and leave the year for

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Meeting of the Saab friends Thuringia

The little things are often what makes Saab today

Hello dear Saab crazy, I don't know since when I've been “on” the blog - it felt like an eternity ... There were times when “ER” cost me a lot of free time - so many exciting news and of course entertaining

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SAAB friends Saxony - the 3-N tour: nostalgia, nature, snack

Last Sunday, distributed throughout Saxony, met individual small SAAB groups. Almost the same as a star trip, it went from Riesa, Bautzen, Dresden and Chemnitz to the common meeting point at Siebenlehn.

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On Saturday starts the 4. Hamburger Saab meeting.

Saab Blogger in Hamburg and Saxony

The weather forecast for this weekend can be described as “mixed”. Which shouldn't be a reason not to venture out of the house. Because Hamburg, Saxony and Thuringia are worthwhile destinations for Saab fans. And the Saab bloggers are in the middle

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Spring departure of the Saab friends Thuringia

Spring departure of the SAAB friends Thuringia

Report: Wolfgang, Photos: Saab Friends Thuringia At 30.04.17 it was time again. For now 8. Once the Thuringian Saab fans met and again a round trip was on. This time the tour led through the Saale-Holzland-Kreis.

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