The cabin can be assembled in around half an hour

What is he worth? Auction result Saab Toppola Camper!

The first classic auction of the year in Sweden is now over. The Toppola Camper with Saab substructure was particularly interesting, while the rest of the offer remained colorless. The Saab had a few kilometers on the counter and, like the camper, was

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Saab 900 Toppola

Travel in style - Saab 900 with Toppola Camper

Mobile homes are booming, due to Corona the mobile home is in trend. But do you want something that everyone already has? You would be more individual with a Saab 900 with Toppola body when traveling. Largely unknown outside of the Saab microcosm, this combination is the

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Dimini, a new brand for high quality miniatures

Dimitri Baumgartner has been a car enthusiast since he was a child. His family says he said the word "car" before "mom" or "dad". As a teenager he stowed away his little toy cars and started making model cars in 1:43 scale with his pocket money

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Saab Toppola meeting of Saab friends Erftkreis.

A Saab Toppola story

When we were 2007 at a SAAB meeting in Huy, Belgium, we saw 2 SAAB with Toppola construction. Since we got the idea, that would be quite practical. But since a caravan was ready, we have no further thoughts

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