TOGG - the Turkish Saab project

Saab is no longer mentioned in the press releases. The origin of the platform is kept secret, which is hardly surprising. But TOGG, the Turkish Saab project, has its origins in the Stallbacka. As announced, the concept vehicles were presented at the end of the year.

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Prototype of the Turkish electric car on Saab base. Photo Credit: Zorlu Holding

The Turkish Saab project is still alive

Readers who have been following the blog for a long time might remember ... In September 2015 NEVS sold the license on 9-3 in Turkey. This also wanted to secure jobs and development contracts for their own company. Because Turkey planned no less

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Saab 9-3 Griffin Aero Sky Blue Edition. Image: Auto Leitner

The (current) dream cars of Saab

Of course, dream cars were built in the Stallbacka. But Saab is no longer, and despite this, several dream cars of this brand were in the media over the past week. Remarkable? Definitely! They have a very special career at the moment

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Ankara'ya hosgeldiniz or my totally extraordinary Turkey vacation

It is Sunday morning ten to seven o'clock. Granted very, very early on vacation, but I'm invited to a SAAB meeting. There is no ifs and buts! I'm on my way through the gardens of our hotel, past

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Yesterday: Saab factory main entrance

Tübitak visiting the Saab plant

The flags of Turkey and Sweden are waving in the wind in front of the main portal. If you hoist national flags at NEVS, then important visitors are expected. Yesterday, Fikri Işık, Turkish Minister for Science, Innovation and Development visited the plant.

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Saab ePower Concept

Saabig… 43/15 Electric people's cars

Almost 900 entries in Google News in the Turkish press. There are hardly any reactions in Sweden, and with some delay the news fires in Germany. A Turkish folk car, also electric, comes on Saab 9-3 base.

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Development center at NEVS

NEVS and the national car for Turkey

NEVS sells the rights to 9-3 to Turkey. On the platform, a new, national car project will emerge, which should differ in design from what we know. Through cooperation with the state Tübitak further 100 jobs in

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Saab production at NEVS © 2014

Saab 9-3 from Turkey?

All day long mails came to my mailbox about Saab and the Turkish auto industry. The Saab 9-3 has been celebrated in the Turkish press for days as the basis for a new, national car. The background - unclear.

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