Showroom Video - Saab R900

Again and again you meet the R900 in Saab history. The sporty special series of the Saab 900 II, which had a background in racing. Because Saab Germany actually built an R900 racing car for Group A with Uli Weinmann. With

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Saab R900 as it looks today

The forgotten Saab R900 Group A

Winter 2013. It's cold, there is snow on the streets and in the gardens. A garage in Upper Franconia. The gate swings open slowly and reveals a Saab R900. A real rally Saab, built on behalf of Saab

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SAAB R900 on the circuit in Hockenheim

Saab R900 Group A

Saab has a very long motorsport tradition. The Saab 96, factory and private, is a legend on the world's rally track. With the Saab 900 II, Saab Germany wanted to build on the old traditions in the 90 years. Not a bad idea, right? The company of Uli Weinmann, engine and tuning specialist from Upper Franconia, was commissioned to set up a Group A racing car on the Saab 900 II basis.

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