A Saab 340 has landed. In the background the work. Now with NEVS lettering.

Pictures from Trollhattan. End and departure.

The airfield Trollhättan Vänersborg. Just now a Saab 340 has landed, the winter sun is shining and everything seems to be the same as always. But that's not it. The pictures from Trollhättan show the last days of a 69 tradition.

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Nice 9-3 Viggen

Weekly review. Viggen x 2 & planes over the factory

One of the vehicles you should have driven at least once is the Saab 9-3 Viggen. He is somehow and still an extreme asm. Earlier, because he was fast, brute and uncouth. In the present, because he is still fast,

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NEVS extension granted- 3rd time the charm?

The Vänersborg District Court granted NEVS today another 3 months extension of the reorganization process. This ruling follows the both assessment of the responses from the creditors and the latest Administrator's report by the Court. As I explained in an earlier

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Composition negotiations to take place on 23 March

The Vänersborg District Court ruled today in favor of NEVS 'request for public composition negotiations with their creditors. This ruling follows recent reports that a significant number of the creditors are positive to the proposal where the ones with a claim

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Saab Lage Trollhättan: Update the situation

The situation is dramatic and it is difficult to keep track. Yesterday I received more than 120 mails from fans on Saab. Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to answer every single one, because the blog is one

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Saab Lage: Court says “No” to the reconstruction

Update: 14: 46 / 15: 05 / 15: 30 / 16: 10 What a black tag. The news from Sweden is not what Saab is hoping and hoping for. The district court rejected the request for reconstruction. Theoretically you can

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