My NEVS App in the Apple App Store

An app for the NEVS 9-3 electric car

The life is amazing. 2002 was the second Saab 9-3 generation presented to dealers in an air force tunnel near Gothenburg. An interesting career followed. An intermediate model, two comprehensive revisions. Then the end of production 2011, but not the final end of the

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MySaabCar - New app from Orio

In the last few days there has been a lot of talk on the blog about sustainability and living with aging cars. A look at the immediate future comes from Orio, where everything is being done to keep the vehicles for as long as possible

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Phoenix Photo Event. Trollhattan 2011

From hardware to software

Over the weekend I flee to northern German regions that are guaranteed to be free of carnival. A blogger meeting is on the agenda; we are working to get the story in the famous dry wipes with our 2016 Project Saab. I also meet nice Saab people, and at the latest

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