Snow and ice - on the go in the cold season

Is it fun? With the youngtimer through the cold season.

The cold season ... Normally, my automobile treasures are parked in a dry hall or in the carport. But this year everything changed. The carport is history, demolished. The hall is occupied to the last square centimeter. One had to stay outside. That it

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Rarely seen. The 9-5 "chrome glasses" from Peter in the snow.

Saab Ice & Snow - the winter photo! Picture gallery (4)

Sometimes the readers provide little stories when sending in their Saab Ice & Snow pictures. Like Michal, who reached the 900 kilometer mark while driving his 300.000 II Cabriolet through wintry Spain. Or even just small hints

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Saab Snow & Ice, the Saab winter photo.

Saab Ice & Snow - The Saab winter photo!

Where is it, the winter? Spring-like temperatures prevail in the lowlands, and in the low mountain ranges it doesn't look any more wintry. Nevertheless, we are optimists and are starting the search for the perfect Saab winter photo today. The action is different from

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Out and about with the 9000. Driving classic cars and classics only seasonally?

Driving classic cars only seasonally or year round?

The time is running. Relentless, precise. Many things are predictable. New cars become used, with a little luck also youngtimers. Perhaps later, and it takes a lot of attention and the right owner, they mature into classics. The topic becomes

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Is that art, or just a Saab? Picture of Claus

Saab & snow. Choosing the best pictures!

Winter came back to Germany at the weekend. In line with this, the “Saab & Snow” photo competition is entering the final round. We have received many great Saab pictures and published them on the blog. But which ones do our readers like best?

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Winter camping? No problem with a Saab. Photo by Thorsten.

Saab & snow. Photo competition final (1/2)

Behind the wheel of a Saab often sit very special people. They live their enthusiasm for the brand from Trollhättan. Saab is part of everyday life. An unagitated passion and personal pleasure. No matter how old the Saab is. A classic 900

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Saab 9-3 X by Simon on the Gubel in the canton of Zug

Saab & snow. More pictures!

Are Saab drivers snow savvy? After all, the cars come from the land of snow and ice. And a Saab was designed to work reliably where other brands give up. Our readers also seem to be enthusiastic about snow

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Anna in the winter. The Saab loves snow and ice

Saab youngtimer in winter. A self-experiment (2 / 2)

Anyone who moves an old car should have a certain tolerance and willingness to repair minor defects themselves. A Saab youngtimer also has some surprises in store, especially if it is used in everyday life.

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Saab 9-5 in winter operation. Image: Saab Automobile AB

Saab in winter - Practical experience

Finally winter, it storms and snows for a few days, and since today it is snowing really hard. This looks like a white Christmas! Here in the Ruhr area, unlike in the Alpine regions, the chaos in traffic soon breaks out. Whole

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Saab 9-3 in the snow

What does a Saab fan without Saab do in winter?

Yes, I know, some will wonder how to be a SAAB fan without SAAB? The story is quite simple, I could drive a SAAB (1.9TTiD Vector Sportcombi) as a company vehicle (ordered in February 2009 just before GM SAAB in

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Survey. Electromobility in winter?

NEVS is focusing on the electric drive at Saab. The first all-electric Saab will celebrate its world premiere in Beijing in April. Reason enough to deal with the topic and to ask the readers for their opinion. Because one

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SAAB News. SAAB Autumn Highlights 2013.

Today starts the autumn / winter campaign of the German branch of Saab Parts AB for Germany and Austria. The focus of course is on the coming, cold season, and what is more obvious than the visit to the Saab partner, to our Swedes on snow and

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