Saab workshops in transition

Challenge! Saab workshops in transition.

Mobility is changing, and the debate about sustainability and the environment will be with us for a very long time. The diesel scandal is far from being worked up. All of this leaves its mark, especially on older vehicles with a diesel engine under the hood. The

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Saab service

Saab service, chain, or free workshop?

Almost exactly 8 years ago, the tapes in Trollhättan stalled. Even before, the factory had been underutilized, and from March 2011 only sporadic vehicles ran off the line. Days, until the production came to a halt. Since

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Brand presence: Saab shows flag!

Currently many Saab partners receive mail. And then they blow again in the wind, the Saab flags. Besides the flags, there are rollups, mirror pendants and much more, all printed with the Saab logo. Equipment for the customer area, flags for the premises,

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Saab loyalty book

Saab loyalty book action of Orio Germany

For some actions of Orio Germany, the supplier of Saab original spare parts, the blog crew is closely involved. We are invited to participate in Saab Inside, which has so far appeared 2 once a year, and we receive information during the spring and autumn campaigns

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Saab Bredlow Berlin

Bredlow is Germany's oldest Saab dealer. The company is a second-generation family business, loyal to the Saab flag in Berlin.

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