Saab Instagram campaign - it works!

In the beginning, the team was a bit uncertain about the Instagram idea. What if the community does not join in and lets us stand in the rain without photos? Our concerns were completely unfounded. From the start we received many ingenious Saab pictures.

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Saab license plate holder

Saab license plate holder. Poll!

The enormous response to our Saab license plate campaign surprised me. Many good and original suggestions came from among the readers. That doesn't make the selection easy. What is certain is that Saab is still a very special brand. And that

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Saab 9-3 highlights

Saab 9-3 highlights. Original Saab.

A campaign by Orio Germany has rarely been expected as the “Saab 9-3 Highlights”. We had previously reported on the LED daytime running light retrofit kit. The initiative from Eschborn was welcomed by the readers and discussed controversially.

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on the Saab 9000. The 9-5 NG Bio Power has them in production.

He's hanging by the stream. Calix engine preheating for Saab.

The days are dark, cold and uncomfortable. Good if you can get in a preheated Saab. Even better if you do something good for the environment in addition to the comfort gain and at the same time spare the technology.

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Saab Seasonal Benefits

Saab Seasonal Benefits 2016 / 2017

First the useful things and then the little Saab niceties? Or would it be better the other way around? To make it simple, let's start with the usefulnesses that almost everyone needs, and then move on to the niceties - all readers, I suppose

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Saab Thermo mug

News from the Saab Service Club

What a week! Michèl, previously a member of the crew, will in future have his workplace in Saabvägen number 5. A mystical address - and it will accompany a future position. His employer has announced that he will work for a manufacturer of New Energy vehicles

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Spring shine for Saab

Perhaps a little symbolism is involved in the spring action of the former Saab Parts, now Orio AB. The old, faded or damaged Saab emblems are exchanged for new ones for free.

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SAAB News. SAAB Autumn Highlights 2013.

Today starts the autumn / winter campaign of the German branch of Saab Parts AB for Germany and Austria. The focus of course is on the coming, cold season, and what is more obvious than the visit to the Saab partner, to our Swedes on snow and

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