LVM Versicherung advertises the Saab 900 II

That's crazy - LVM advertising with the Saab 900

Do insurance companies like Saab? The impression is obvious, because the LVM insurance company is currently advertising the Saab 900 II 9-3 I. In the Rhön, a local agency is flying the flag extensively and in several places - for Saab. Or for insurance.

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Saab video & advertising in the ttela

How much time has passed since we saw Saab advertising in online or print media? It feels like half an eternity, but this phase comes to an end.

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SAAB press. Saab Parts Advertising in Austria.

Let's have a look - when was the last time we saw a print ad of our car brand? It must have been 2010 for the introduction of the Saab 9 5 II sometime, at that time there was in Germany ads in mirror, focus and star. Then

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