Makes the Golf class interesting - new DS 4

Big car brands - the return of the dream factory?

If the pandemic did not determine our everyday life, the birth of Stellantis would not have happened so silently. The merger of PSA and FCA Group brings a new automotive giant that has many big, old car brands in its portfolio.

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Saab and Mahindra - the nightmare that never became real

Nightmares reflect unprocessed events and can come back again and again. Saab affine people know the Christmas nightmare. It haunted Trollhättan in 2009 and 2011. First, when GM wanted to liquidate the brand. Then two years later, when Saab turned himself towards Valhalla

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Saab 9000 model in the design studio in Trollhättan

The challenge of the Saab 9000 - a long Saab film

In the spring of 1974, work began on the 9000 in Trollhättan. A completely new car and the way to a higher class. Behind the project was nothing less than the future positioning of the brand. Exciting, groundbreaking, and by no means easy.

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Saab 9-3 - of course in black

Saab, Saab or Saab - the way back

For those of you who haven't read my previous posts, “What Happened So Far”. So my very first car was a used Saab 99 GL and consequently my second was a brand new Saab 900 GL. Of course, once Saab, always Saab. Almost.

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Bella Italia - a Saab 9000 Aero

Bella Italia - a dreamlike Saab 9000 Aero

Italy, the land of legendary car brands. But also the land of strange laws. Vehicles with more than 2 liters of displacement could not previously be tax deductible. This led to special models that are only available for this beautiful country

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Saab 5-speed gearbox - here in the 900 from 1986 - never shifts particularly precisely

Quietly say goodbye - manual transmissions are disappearing

There are some things that drivers of the future will no longer be familiar with. Things that we are used to disappear. These include the manual gearbox, the ignition key, the mechanical handbrake or the suction cup navigation device. The smartphone takes over for the ignition key or navigation system. With manual

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Volvo or Saab, or Alfa Romeo?

In the past, yes, the world was still in order. It was usually only a matter of deciding between two options. When skiing between Alpine or Nordic, on vacation between the sea or the Alps, when shopping between Coop or Migros. Of the

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Saab 900 II. A six-cylinder in the middle class. Image: Saab Automobile AB

Saab and the six-cylinder. A VW VR6 for Sweden. (2)

Volkswagen in the 80s. Do you have compact V6 engines for transverse installation in the program? And do you want to sell them to an equally aspiring competitor? “Not really” will now be the answer. And that shows how wrong you can be

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Alfa Romeo meets Saab. Snapshot in Essen.

In four acts: The Alfa Romeo crisis

8:00 a.m., somewhere in the deepest rush hour traffic of Düsseldorf, the almost endlessly long metal avalanches are slowly but surely pushing from intersection to intersection. Traffic is an imposition in these minutes, and so the (perhaps) only Saab attracts

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2 x Saab, ready for the Histo Monte.

Histo Monte 2017. Classic City Gleanings.

Our readers were very close to the AvD Histo Monte. The Saab 99 team with Robert and Gerd Wagenheimer reported daily from the track and delivered current pictures. Place 31 after 1.730 exciting kilometers was a very respectable result.

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Saab 9-3 II Convertible

How I came to Saab ...

There was a time when there was only room for Alfa's in my garage. Nice but diva-like. Every time I put my ignition key in the left lock, you had to say a little quick prayer. Usually it started, but not always….

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Ford, Renault and Alfa Romeo in Geneva

At the end of our virtual tour of the fair, the focus is on two dream cars at a reasonably feasible price and a refreshing small car concept from France. Ford shows us the new, even sharper Mustang in Geneva, matching the 50th anniversary of the original model.

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Geneva Motor Show. The sporty Jaguar F-Type and Alfa C4

Jaguar has a good run. A new engine plant will be built in the UK and the new F-Type will noticeably rejuvenate the brand image. In just a few weeks, the new, small Jaguar sports car will be available for sale. In Geneva, a visit to Jaguar was compulsory

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