SAAB Location: Just do not lose your nerve!

How about that. Get up in the morning, check the box, and find that Saab is sold. Of course, to a desired candidate. The hanging part of the last months would have come to an end. It is time, because the nerves are blank. Was it a purposefully scattered

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SAAB Sonett II: Saab's first production sports car

At this year's special show for the 60 anniversary of the Association of International Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (VDIK) during the AMI in Leipzig, a Saab Sonett from the second series represents the brand from Trollhättan. Time, the first series sports car of the brand from Sweden something

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Saab Sonnet II, BJ 1968 with Tobias Kaboth, Mobile Forum Dresden

SAAB day: Saab on the AMI ??

Saab at the AMI !! How can a car manufacturer that has been under the administration of administrators for over 5 months and that has not produced any cars for more than a year be represented at the largest German auto show in 2012? And especially with which ones

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