Anna project in January 2018

Saab 9000. Driving dynamics or dromedary?

It's autumn now. The Anna Project has a workshop appointment in Frankfurt, the air conditioner licks, which was not so pleasant in summer temperatures. Now also the dampers are exchanged, and at the pickup I'm curious like a little boy,

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Saab 9000, Anna Project

A chassis for the 9k. Saab original or not?

If it were after the mainstream, then you should not get involved in old cars. Digital mobility is coming, electric cars, fully networked, are considered the future. What do you want there with an analog, now 20 years old Saab

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Saab 9000 Anna Project

Saab 9000 Anna Project (Teaser)

Of course, there are rules when buying an old car. You have experience ... your head tells you exactly what you should and shouldn't do. And it's not as if the warning lights failed completely on the Anna project. But sometimes you break

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