10 years Saabblog - and no party

Anniversaries are sometimes odd. You're not sure whether to cry or celebrate. Is 25 years in the same company always a sign of loyalty, or were you too naive to quit and take advantage of your opportunities? Or

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7 years Saabblog.net. And what it does to us.

Anniversaries run according to a well-established scheme. You celebrate, pat yourself warmly on the shoulder and confirm to yourself how great everything went. The inevitable look back must not be missing ... and then you go on.

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Now they drive the Hamburg - Berlin Klassik. Picture: Gerd and Robert Wagenheimer

Briefly noted. Saab drives rally. Saab is fun.

Regular readers on the blog are sure to remember the Histo Monte 2017. The Saab 99 by Robert and Gerd Wagenheimer was on historic paths. The team was quite successful, had fun, and provided regular reports.

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Saab story to touch!

Saab feeling. 5 years Saab Service Frankfurt.

There are things that surprise. Because they are unpredictable, and because they arise from unusual situations. After all, who has experience in dealing with a car brand that no longer produces vehicles whose spirit is nevertheless very present?

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3 x Saab 900, 1 x Saab 9000. Full workshop at Saab Service Frankfurt

Invitation. 5 years Saab Service Frankfurt.

It's already 5 years ago, when Gerard Ratzmann dared to take the step into self-employment. At the time, we had a very humorous interview that I remember well. Since then a lot has happened. The courage paid off, because in the

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Saab lettering above the administrative wing.

6 years. Mission: Impossible

An impossible story celebrates its 6 anniversary. The Saabblog.net project is since 9. February 2011 online. And everything started then harmless and full of hope. Not knowing where we would be 6 years later.

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Talladega Long Run. The sticker for the anniversary

Talladega Long Run 30 år Jubileum

Hard to imagine actually! FIA officials at a small car manufacturer take 3 randomly selected vehicles of a completely newly developed type off the production line. Then they are chased 100.000 kilometers day and night at high speed over a racetrack. Not

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Trollhattan 100 years city law

Phoenix or Icarus?

How were the last days? Interesting, successful? In any case, there was positive tension in the Saab environment, finally again! The Stallbacka had a Chinese visit last Sunday. Chao Ma, the initiator behind Panda New Energy, was a guest

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Saab 9000 photos

An interjection in own thing! The Saab 9000 celebrates its 30. Birthday waving H-mark. As a one-time action to celebrate the occasion, we would like to create a Saab calendar for the anniversary. Only with the Saab 9000, the first upper class

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Saab Zentrum Frankfurt celebrates 30 years Saab in Frankfurt

Saab Zentrum Frankfurt celebrates its 30 anniversary. The car dealership in the Carl-Benz-Strasse is a central point of contact for Saab fans from the Rhine Main area, just after the Saab sales department in the last few years

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