SAAB News. SAAB 9-5 II SC reload.

The Saab 9-5 II sportswear is rare. Depending on the source, there are 27 or 30 vehicles on our planet. It can hardly be more exclusive, so it is not surprising that these vehicles have become speculative objects. Particularly rare, however, are the right-hand drive. A total of three (!) Pieces were built, and a gray, right-hand drive Saab 9-5 sports car is currently in Kiel at Saab partner dealership Lafrentz.

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Where is Saab 9-5 sportswear LGT 271?

There are cars you never forget. The Saab 9-5 sports car with the Swedish LGT 271 license is such a case, and again and again I wondered where the Saab, who was the Blogger car on the 2011 dealership, probably stayed. Has he wandered into the press and been reborn as a soda can, as the newspapers in Sweden at times suspected?

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