NEVS InMotion Concept. Photo Credit: NEVS

Robot taxi from Trollhättan for Europe

2020 will be an exciting year for Trollhättan. Koenigsegg wants to produce a hybrid sports car at the factory, Sono Motors the Sion - and NEVS from the end of 2020 a robot taxi for Europe. It's about nothing less than the NEVS

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NEVS 9-3 EV presentation in Tianjiin. Picture: NEVS

New year, new project. NEVS works on the D1.

Under the project code D1, work on a new project has begun at Stallbacka. It could become the crucial project for NEVS, which is at an early stage. In a paid article the local newspaper told CEO Tilk

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Teaser NEVS video

Teaser & Video Electric Car Concept by NEVS

This morning, a teaser was posted on the Facebook page of NEVS. Also on a page from China suddenly appeared on a video. That's even more interesting. And the question arises: What do we see there?

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Saab comes back. Image: Saab Automobile AB

Auto industry. Saab comes back.

The most exciting news of the last few days was probably an interview by Saab AB CEO Håkan Buske with the Svenska Dagbladet. It's about nothing less than the return of Saab to the auto industry. Saab comes back 2017 with a new company.

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Active bike helmet by Anna Haupt. Develop autonomous driving at NEVS now

Autonomous driving. Autonomous NEVS EV.

Autonomous driving is one of the big topics of the future. Until the latest 2025 is the vollautonomous wave roll, all manufacturers are doing research in this direction. Semi-autonomous vehicles can already be bought today, but the responsibility is still borne by the driver. That NEVS with the

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Apple iCar - Part II Opportunities & Consequences

While in Trollhättan the development slides into the unknown, another Swedish manufacturer is testing the future. We remain true to the topic Apple iCar, look in the continuation of the article from Wednesday to Gothenburg.

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