Minimalist - lots of light, space and glass

What happened if? Saab X_Ray Vision by Anders Warming

Oh, Saab. The brand won't let go. She is missing. There are people who want to see new Saab on the streets again. Designer Anders Warming looked into the brand. He wondered what if - if

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Saab 5-speed gearbox - here in the 900 from 1986 - never shifts particularly precisely

Quietly say goodbye - manual transmissions are disappearing

There are some things that drivers of the future will no longer be familiar with. Things that we are used to disappear. These include the manual gearbox, the ignition key, the mechanical handbrake or the suction cup navigation device. The smartphone takes over for the ignition key or navigation system. With manual

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Hengchi brand world as it should be created in the metropolises

Evergrande Hengchi is building its own sales network

The enormous upheaval in the automotive industry can be seen in the sales networks. Savings in sales, taking the contact with the customer into your own hands, is considered the future. The potential for savings seems enormous, with a higher margin. That applies to them

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Hard drives for Saab drivers!

Back from the short summer vacation! A mix of technology and sentimentality. It's about broken dreams, in Sweden and elsewhere in the world. And there is a reason why Saab 9-5 NG drivers should concern themselves with the tech issue.

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My not easy way to Saab

Hello dear community blog, then I would like to line up in the series of Saab Story narrators and my not easy way to the first and so far only Saab reveal.

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NEVS, the eternal startup.

The eternal startup and the German enemy

It was a deep winter. The Saab bankruptcy was still fresh. Mark and I met in the nightly Trollhättan with a well-known personality. Their name does not matter, we talked about the ongoing sales negotiations.

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The medial state of the auto industry

Automobile monoculture is never good

Scandals shake the foundations of the German auto industry. First Dieselgate, now alleged antitrust violations. The horror never ends, and one of our country's key industries is at a crossroads. But it started many years ago.

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SAAB 9-5 Sportcombi comparison test

What this blog is all about has fallen behind somewhat in the past few days. To make this clear, the team writes a fan blog and not an economic column.

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Saab News. Gasoline engines from GM - facelift in spring.

The start of production at NEVS-Saab is within reach, and we are getting more and more details from the press. Auto-Motor Sport Sweden and NyTeknik report on the plans at Saab, and the more public becomes, the more questions emerge. There is

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Saab news. Saab production start in November?

Bilsport Sweden is the first magazine ever to name a date for the Saab production launch. The magazine wants to know that on 29. November will be the first production vehicles to roll off the reels in the stablebacka.

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Economy. Form follows function - isn't it?

“The name Saab will always stand for a modern design - with a clearly recognizable purpose. And for vehicles with a timelessly beautiful design. ” Not a sentence of mine, but from a Saab brochure from the 2002 model year. Back then, the Saab world was still in order, at least in the foreground. Because there was still a hatchback at Saab.

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Spotlight Trollhattan. The Bavarians come.

The vernacular seems to know exactly. Where there is smoke, there must also be a fire or, applied to our situation, where there are many rumors, a truth will also be found somewhere. The BMW - Saab rumor has been around for a long time in Trollhättan and probably there will be one or the other exciting truth about it in the next few years. Less spectacular, but for some Swedes exciting in the literal sense, are the current events, which are based on facts.

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Rearview mirror. No question of the money!

What made the Geneva Motor Show so interesting for us? There's the thing with the electric cars. A market segment that wants to occupy Saab 2.0 in spring 2014. And there's the exciting story of what comes out when Chinese and Europeans come together

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Welcome to (auto) year 2013

New Year New luck ! The blogger is back on the MacBook. Let's start with the most important questions! What's next with the cult brand Saab? Is there another long year marked by waiting or are our wishes going into

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SAAB News: Lawyers around the SAAB topic

Spyker vs GM and BMW vs Saab Parts AB. Actually interesting only for lawyers, these are in business and some could earn good money, because the amounts in dispute are considerable. We can not completely ignore the topic, because on other pages as well

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