Project Saab Paul with Mark on the way

News in brief. 7.000.000 readers and some future.

A few days ago the blog welcomed its 7 millionth reader. As so often, the event missed the blog crew a bit. Time is precious - family, work and blog leave little space. You can do that

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Geneva Motor Show. Newcomer Qoros.

The difficulty of establishing a new car brand

Do we remember qoros? The brand was featured on the blog several times in 2013. Former Saab employees, especially a former press officer, moved to China. An Israeli-Chinese consortium tried to build a new car brand with the help of deserving European veterans.

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Borgward BX7

The Borgward Saab story

Some myths disenchant themselves ... and then you regret knowing the background. Because the story was actually too beautiful. The Borgward Reborn Story will be one of them. It's easy to tell, but you still hold your breath

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SAAB DNA… reload

Saab DNA is distributed all over the world. A startup started with Saab know-how and experienced a crash. Another committed a Saab designer and wants to make a big start now. And old Saab DNA gets a third facelift in China.

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Audi Q6 e-tron at the IAA. Tail light from the Saab 9-5 and 9-4x. Desing: Andreas Mindt

IAA. Audi makes Saab - Borgward puzzles

We could find clear design elements from Saab in future Audis. The continuous light strip at the rear is a design feature of the last Saab 9-5 and 9-4x. It would also have adorned the 9-3 successor. But now Audi ...

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Borgward BX-7

Borgward BX7 - the comeback

The Borgward comeback is underway. Exciting and interesting because our brand could face a similar adventure ... and also because former Saab designers and a former press officer are on board. On Friday, the Autobild published the first photos of the new Borgward.

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