A full terrain, and great cars.

3. Hamburger Saab meeting

The drive north can be long and lonely. 520 kilometers, to be precise. And only in the height of Hanover did another Saab cross my path. The brand is visibly in retreat from public space,

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Modern, spacious, with plenty of space for restorations.

Saab reopening Bamberg. Saab meeting Hamburg.

There are two SAAB events next weekend where you can always meet nice people! In the south, Ralf Muckelbauer opens his new car dealership, and in Hamburg the 2nd Hamburg Saab meeting at the old-timer gas station Brandshof is on the calendar.

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1st Hamburg Saab Meeting ... we are coming!

Sunny, mild spring weather. A long weekend, no appointments! Ideal cornerstones for a short flight north ... and what could be more natural than to give my 2001 Saab Aero some exercise. “At home on long journeys” is an old Saab advertising slogan

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Saab meeting Brandshof

1. Hamburger Saab meeting

Hamburg is Saab stronghold and always worth a visit. In May, there are two other good reasons to travel to the Hanseatic city on the Saab. It is the port birthday and the 1. Hamburger Saab meeting at the historic petrol station

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