on the road: A report about the Cabriolet Rallye Sachsen

Bright sunshine, temperatures over 25 degrees and chic convertibles as far as the eye can see. The sixth convertible rally in Saxony started on the weekend before last. The meeting point for the 6 convertibles - including 129 saws - was the Hygiene Museum in Dresden.

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Last year there were “only” 11 SAABs cruising through Saxony at the fourth edition of the Cabio Rally organized by the Mobilforum Dresden, 15 teams are expected at the fifth CRS on Saturday with a SAAB convertible

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The fourth edition of the Cabrio Rallye Sachsen was a week ago. And yet the impressions I experienced are still very fresh. It was our first major tour in our 9-3 convertible from the 2011 model year.

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SAAB weekend: rally - regulars' table - construction project!

How does the Saab community spend their weekend? For some, a Saab is just a means of transportation, for others it can be the most beautiful hobby in the world. Accordingly, you live “Saab crazy” your hobby in different ways. Mark had on

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SAAB News: Saab Events Frankfurt - Bebra - Saxony

The international Saab meeting in Belgium is behind us. Regionally Saab Events continues and the team rides on the 4. Convertible Rally in Saxony. But first, see what's going on in Hesse. In Bebra will take place on Saturday

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Saab Event: Sachsen Classik and Cabrio Rallye

The Sachsen Classik 2012 is history. At the weekend, almost 190 historic vehicles drove across Saxony's streets. Including three Saab. After 615 kilometers and 20 special stages as well as 19 time controls, the team from the Mobile Forum Dresden with Michael Hesse and

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Saab Event: Saab at the Sachsen Klassik 2011

Many Saab fans are also showing flags for our Swedish passion on the weekend. At this year's Sachsen Classic, our cool, Scandinavian, brand with four vehicles is represented.

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