NEVS wind and air tunnel.

Made by NEVS. Visit to the NEVS R&D Center (2/2)

The NEVS R&D Center has 16 different departments. We visit 4 of them and are on our way to the test benches for engines and drive units. This section is particularly secret, because the future is already running on the test benches today.

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Martin De la Vega, Battery Development, Hans-Martin. Courtyard, Electric Drives, Christian Bromander, Electrical and Mechanical Architecture, Michèl Annink, Mobility Solutions. Photo Credit: Bo Håkansson / DI / NEVS

The plan of NEVS

The Saab trademark has been removed, the factory has come to a standstill. Amazingly, more than 900 people work at NEVS in Trollhättan. How can this work? A legitimate question that quite a few readers, bloggers and Dagens Industri, are asking themselves. Here

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