Unbiased and as good as new: the 9-5 (EZ 2007) 2011 on Rømø

Unpainted - the SAAB with eyeliner

Summer in the city. Blue sky with white sheep above and a red traffic light in front of us. Saab's standard tinted windows and silver roof filter or reflect the sun, making it easy to air-condition the 9-3 I. We hold

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The chrome glasses after the accident

A midsummer weekend in Sweden. Part 2.

For a few days I had the hope that the repair would come about. Mattias said it would take several weeks. A specialist came who had estimated the value of the car on 100.000 kr.

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Saab 9-5 chrome frame

Saab 9-5 - spoiled for choice?

From time to time I see comments and articles on topics like "Saab 9-5 before / after the facelift," General Motors politics, or general "nostalgic thoughts" - "everything was better in the old days". As so often in life, a balanced approach is worthwhile.

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9-3 Aero and 9-5 chrome eyeglasses

The family growth

It all started with the wish for the 3rd child. Since we already had a 9-3 Sportcombi and my wife was more or less satisfied with her BMW, buying a new car was out of the question

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Saab 9-5 carbon leather set

The BioPower 100 Concept study had it first ... the Saab 9-5 carbon leather set, consisting of: dashboard, shift gate, door strips and door handles. Everything in carbon leather, which finally put an end to the plastic overflow in the 9-5 chrome glasses.

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Saab 9-5 sports combination and sedan 2006

Saab 9-5 sedan and sports suit 2006

As I keep writing about the Saab 9-5 NG, the older generation is falling behind a bit. The predecessors are not forgotten; for all fans of the chrome glasses, there is a Saab video today as Zuckerl.

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