Two Frenchmen and a Swede in 1991 on the Anderstorp Ring

France or Sweden? Citroën and Peugeot vs. Saab!

Were the times better in the past? From an automotive perspective, they were more diverse. Angular delusion in the form of an SUV was still far away, but individuality was possible. It got really colorful in the early 90s when the Citroën XM and Peugeot 605 were in top form

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The medial state of the auto industry

Automobile monoculture is never good

Scandals shake the foundations of the German auto industry. First Dieselgate, now alleged antitrust violations. The horror never ends, and one of our country's key industries is at a crossroads. But it started many years ago.

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Saab Viggen

Actually not so wrong to come to Saab via Citroen, Lancia and Volvo!

In the 60iger years we drove in our family only Citroen, first 2CV, then Ami 6 and as "summit" beginning 70iger a GS. The trips in the Ami 6 to Italy and England are unforgotten! Saab or Lancia were

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SAAB Talk: Car Crisis

SAAB Talk: Car Crisis. Volvo, the other Swedish brand, will not rest. But from Saab-City comes at least some good news as a contrast to the bad industry news that drag like a skid mark across Europe. Before we start a brief foray into the car industry, let's take a look at our favorite Qoros.

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