Interlude - Classical City of Frankfurt

Interlude in Frankfurt. Money and plans and a trip.

Thumbs up in Barcelona. Juan von Berma thinks the 9-5 is a good car. Lizi finally calls and tells about the test drive. He's completely excited, so am I. When it comes to toys, it doesn't matter how

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SAAB News: Saab Meeting Frankfurt Classic City

The weather is feeling good with us at the moment and the monthly Saab Meetings in Frankfurt are getting more and more popular. A few months ago, it was still a manageable circle of Saab friends, which is now growing steadily. Yesterday, the met

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SAAB News: Clear start for the Saab Museum

The next Saturday is here. After a dramatic bailout, Saab fans around the globe trembled for the preservation of the collection, the Saab Museum in Trollhättan opens its doors to the public. The museum is run by the

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