Spanish moments - lockdown and new paint for the Saab

Barcelona, ​​the second weekend in March. There is a strange mood in the country. The rumor mill is simmering. A great uncertainty and fear is spreading in the face of the ever worse corona reports. And then it comes. On March 13.03th, shortly before 21:00 p.m., the Spanish

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Interlude - Classical City of Frankfurt

Interlude in Frankfurt. Money and plans and a trip.

Thumbs up in Barcelona. Juan von Berma thinks the 9-5 is a good car. Finally Lizi calls and tells about the test drive. He's completely excited, so am I. When it comes to toys, it doesn't matter how

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There is no UFO parked next to the Saab 9000. A garden pond from Poland.

Europe without borders. Polish Freight Forwarders Week.

Would I have ever thought that I would miss her? The white transporters with Polish license plates? With the preliminary climax of the Corona crisis, the barriers in Europe went down. Almost all borders were now tight. The German Autobahn suddenly without it

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Anna on the runway. Babenhausen Airfield.

Build a reserve. Workshops and COVID-19 marathon.

This week in Frankfurt - early summer weather, the sun is shining. The sky is still suspiciously empty, hardly a plane is heading towards Rhein-Main Airport. It looks different on the ground. At Saab Service Frankfurt is the workshop and the

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Saab time was this week too. The new blog stickers are here.

Exit restriction Bavaria - country life in week one

There has been an exit restriction in Bavaria for a week. A drastic measure - sensible and appropriate. A completely new experience, especially if you are used to European freedom of movement. The exit restriction has also changed my everyday life. The balance of the first week.

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Standstill in Spain. Saab projects are also not implemented

The Saab (and not just Saab) standstill in Spain ...

Last Friday everything seemed so normal and natural ... I enjoyed my month off. Went to one of my wonderful vehicles for shopping, meeting friends, going to the beach, skiing …… And without even thinking about how fast everything went

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Hanauer Landstrasse Frankfurt

With the Saab in Coronaland

Tuesday, shortly after 8 a.m. The TÜV appointment is waiting for the 9-3 Aero. The approximately 60 kilometers of motorway to Frankfurt are usually characterized by heavy traffic, traffic jams. Not particularly enjoyable as a rule, but on this day everything is different!

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