Volvo Cars manufacturing plants in Daqing, China

Volvo Cars is temporarily reducing production

For the second quarter, Volvo Cars sees the situation increasingly critical. Production in many plants will be temporarily cut back. The reason for this is a lack of semiconductor components, which not only affects Volvo. Other Swedish brands are also suffering, in part

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Auto industry - is the perfect storm moving? Photo: Ute Kolla-Bliesener

Automotive industry. The perfect storm is catching up.

After seemingly endless years of success, a violent storm is gathering over the German car industry. It could be a perfect storm because the reasons are not just homemade. Something is brewing in Germany, and a key industry is showing

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NEVS crisis - Salaries delayed

It's one of those messages that I do not like to play. If I'm completely open, then I can not stand such days. For business news and crises, the blog had over the years already too many. Coming from Sweden

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NEVS makes the turn - result

When you start a survey, you usually have a forecast of the outcome at hand. In the current case it was as follows: to the question “Did NEVS turn the corner” and the answer options yes-no-no matter, I expected a 30-60-10 result.

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Explosion triggers the NEVS crisis?

Yesterday, Dagens Nyheter wrote that the cause of NEVS 'financial problems may be in a devastating explosion on 22. November 2013 Qingdao rocked.

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