50 million crowdfunding campaign

Sono Motors successfully completes crowdfunding campaign

The time had come on Saturday evening. The Munich start-up's crowdfunding campaign reached the € 50 million target. By the end of the campaign yesterday, it was as much as € 53.271.798,00. Now it is important that the supporters make their commitments

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The Sion when camping. Picture: Sono Motors

Sono Motors extends crowdfunding campaign

Are there still chances that the Sion will be built in Trollhättan? After the bad news in December there is now a new glimmer of hope. Because the community voted to extend the crowdfunding campaign until January 20th. And the

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Sion from Sono Motors. Picture: Sono Motors

32 million crowdfunding and a community vote

The new year begins with uncertainties for Sono Motors. It remains uncertain whether the Sion can be built in Trollhättan. With a sensational crowdfunding campaign, the company wanted to raise € 50 million by December 30, 12. It became the deadline

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