Wanderlust - just drive through Sweden in a Saab?

Wanderlust - when the world suddenly gets smaller

Of course, Corona leaves its mark. After months of limited social contact, things get tight. Sometimes even too tight, and you wistfully remember the time before. What you have lost is usually only noticed when it is too late

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Saab exit

Saab driving in the Corona year 2020

In mid-2019 I wrote an article for the Saab Fans and Your Cars section on how it will behave with two Saab 9-3s in 2019, now I use the time in lockdown number 3 to write how it is

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Corona, Christmas, Saab and some espresso

How was your christmas Was it lonely Then we have something in common! Christmas 2020 will remain in my memory as a lonely festival. It's not a tragedy. On the one hand, loneliness has its justification, on the other hand it could

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Saab Festival Sweden 2022

75 years of Saab Spirit - Saab Festival Trollhättan 2022

Corona also affects scheduling over a longer period of time. According to plan, the next Saab Festival should have taken place in Trollhättan in June 2021. Actually, because Corona lets the planning for such a large, international event appear in a different light. It speaks

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