SAAB book. Saab - the path of a cult brand.

Another Saab book? Yes, another new publication and a book with which I had one or the other problem. One reason why the book's discussion took so long. Because time and again I asked myself the one question: I like the book, or I do not like it. The author Dieter Günter does not do it that easy for us.

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Saab book: The way of a cult brand

The path of a cult brand. New Saab book has landed

The delivery of the new Saab book “Saab - The Path of a Cult Brand” is now in progress. The first copies arrived today. Of course I had to look into the book straight away, there is no waiting. The first impression is very good, the book is lovingly designed and the history of Saab is discussed up to the present.

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