Evergrande Auto Hengchi 4 - the series design

So far there have only been pictures of Hengchi 4 that show the concept car. The MPV is so far the only 7-seater in the Evergrande Auto product range. Its series design has now been registered for protection. When production starts, it ends

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Hengchi 1 was drawn by Anders Warming

Hengchi 1 in the production version

Hengchi 1 is expected to begin mass production of Evergrande Auto in the second half of 2021. So far there have only been pictures of the concept car. New pictures show Hengchi 1 as he will run off the conveyor belt. The design is therefore close to

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Minimalist - lots of light, space and glass

What happened if? Saab X_Ray Vision by Anders Warming

Oh, Saab. The brand won't let go. She is missing. There are people who want to see new Saab on the streets again. Designer Anders Warming looked into the brand. He wondered what if - if

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