Clearly structured and tasteful

Auto year 2020. Electrification and digitization.

The automotive year 2020 will be tough. For the first time, the forecast upheavals in the industry will be felt by everyone. A challenge - and one thing is certain, nothing will stay as it was. From now on everything is subject to change.

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Saab vs. Digitalization. The analog is definitely the more elegant car.

Years rearview mirror. Saab vs. Digitalization.

The special kind of annual rearview mirror. I've been driving a company car for several months now. The first “non-Saab” in almost 10 years. German make, premium. There is not much more to say about it. The arguments for a new, modern car are sometimes not

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Digital services. Orio brings Saab drive to the present.

Orio brings Saab drive to the present

Digitization is an important topic, but usually bypasses the customers of no longer producing car brands. The nice little gadgets don't exist for them. Only at Saab, everything is completely different again! The cars

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Phoenix Photo Event. Trollhattan 2011

From hardware to software

Over the weekend I flee to northern German regions that are guaranteed to be free of carnival. A blogger meeting is on the agenda; we are working to get the story in the famous dry wipes with our 2016 Project Saab. I also meet nice Saab people, and at the latest

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