Sweden Weekend. Swedish metal vs. German techno.

Or Volvo V40 vs Mercedes A class. In the UK, the carmaker from Gothenburg drives a naughty campaign, which is crazy. The text is reminiscent of Saab marketing of earlier years, when there were still the legendary Saab vs ...... ads. Since there is currently no media activity from Trollhättan, at least Volvo brings some fun for our Swedish-inspired automotive soul.

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SAAB books: Saab 900 - a Swedish story

Before 20 years, Anders Tunberg's Saab 900 book appeared, and two decades may be a long time. In these years, the car industry has changed dramatically, and some car brands have now disappeared. Saab was in transition. GM had moved into Trollhättan with 50%, and in the stablebacka ruled with Keith Butler Wheelhouse, the first manager from the US group.

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